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At Twining Roots we weave together stories and threads for a more thoughtfully sustainable life. 


By offering carefully crafted handmade goods, we highlight and honor the twining relationships between what we make and use, and the stories and materials behind them.  


Please come along for the ride, check back often for what's new, and get in touch if you'd like to explore a custom project. I'd love to hear from you!

What's in store...


Stitched Goods

Machine pieced and hand sewn quilts, pillows, potholders, produce bags, and more, made from repurposed textiles and organic linen, cotton and hemp. Many given new life with natural dyes, some grown or foraged on or near the farm

Hand Wovens

Rugs, placemats, runners, tea towels crafted of natural fibers and upcycled textiles

Please inquire about custom quilts and projects


What makes us special

Mice & Jam_edited.jpg

Twining Roots hand crafted goods are made from repurposed and conscientiously sourced materials, like organic linen, cotton and hemp, many given new life through the magic of natural dyes. All come with their own singular story.  We honor makers, known and unknown, and the art of using what you have to simplify, serve and beautify your life.

A native plant, shrub or tree is planted on the farm for each purchase, further growing the good and our connection to each other and the earth that sustains us. You know, our twining roots.

Join me won't you?  I'd love to discuss your custom ideas

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